Mila Khalifa

This is a Character file only. She does not have a Conversation file.
To have a look, go to the Mods option, select the Appearance tab, switch Gender to Female, and Import “Mila_Khafila.pechar”.
Note: Pedev, when the character imports, the game does not:
– Bring in the character’s date of birth or country of origin; or
– Select the correct # for any of the appearance options, even though the character appears to look correct.
This means that you can see what “Mila Khafila” looks like, and her name is correct, but her date of birth, country of origin and # for her appearance options are wrong.
For the record, here are the settings I used for “Mila Khafila” (alternates in #/#/#):
DOB 10 February 1997 Country Lebanon Skin 51 Head 10 Hair 63/51/33 – Hair Color 23 Eyes 39 Eye Color 5 Eyebrows 7 Eyebrows Color 23 Nose 30/29/14 Mouth 18 Mouth Color 2 Tits 5 Tits Size 7 Pubes 2 Pubes Color 23 Nails 1 Earrings 1 Necklace 13 Bracelet 1 Glasses 12 Body 4
“Mila Khafila” in RL – wink – has tattoos, though none of the existing assets seem a good fit.
Experiment and enjoy.

Mod author: Hozchelaga