Nicki Bends

This is a Character file only. She does not have a Conversation file.
As Pedev said above: you need a Conversation file to get the character to appear in game, so use the short template and rename it to character’s filename. You can find the short template at the top of this post.
Also, I have not adjusted spawn locations or frequency, so do this in the Mods tab.
To have a look, go to the Mods option, select the Appearance tab, switch Gender to Female, and Import “Nicki_Bends.pechar”.

For the record, here are the settings I used for “Nicki Bends”, Glamour White variant. Other variants are possible of course, and I encourage you to do better! As usual, “/” are variant options.
DOB 11 December 1981 Country Canada Skin 24 Head 11 Hair 104/115/117 Hair Color 27/25 Eyes 7/48/9/32 Eye Color 5 Eyebrows 9 Eyebrows Color 10/11 Nose 15 Mouth 20 Mouth Color 13 Tits 8 Tits Size 6 Pubes 2 Pubes Color 11 Nails 7 Earrings 0 Necklace 25 Bracelet 0 Glasses 0 Body 3
“Nicki Bends” in RL – wink – has a tattoo on lower back but I did not include it.
Experiment and enjoy.

Mod author: Hozchelaga