Charlotta Sardre

-All characters have those trait: Top Performer-Idol-Trendsetter , they get 2 additional traits.
-Locations are set for stage 0,1 and 2; change if you want but have all girls in the bar seems a bit too much…
-I give all of them skimpy Erotic Outfit, not necessarily the most fitting, but since those Outfit are really hard to get ( I myself only have found them on some of the new Rival’s Pornstar, and if those models spawn in the pool or beach you’re f**d, since they’ll get swimsuit).
So they will never spawn in Night club because it change there Outfit and i need to test Beach, Gym (and Yoga when it will be implemented) to check if it change them too.
I might make custom storyline later if i feel inspired…

Mod author: pepitoxxx