Butterfly Expanded Storyline

Hello Everyone,

I want to present you the first beta version of my little project for Community Content : Porn empire Expanded Storyline.

What is this ?: A complex Story involving multiple modded characters with their own storyline, using the new set of modtools @mbmb kindly provided us (and after i harassed him with my questions for about a week… :wink: For now it’s only a starting project, but is functional in it’s current state.

Disclaimer: I’m not an english speaking native, so i apologize for any mistakes or wrong grammary/syntax, also i’m not Shakespeare or le Marquis de Sade so don’t expect good litterature… However i tried to make some kind of funny and immersive story that could be enjoyable to read..(yeah i know it’s a porn game, it’s not the point, but good games always knows how to mix types and textual porn games can be quite good…)

So What is Butterfly ?: Butterfly is the core character of this project, for now only the first two chapter of her story have been started: Caterpillar and Cocoon ( a bit obvious i know…) IT’S FOR MALE CHARACTER ONLY!! AND ONLY FOR 0.799 VERSION (If you make a little modding you can change the name or make your own character but i strongly suggest you try the story before to understand why they are separate character and how they differ..)

It’s not finished should i wait for final version: You will wait a long time, as long as Porn empire is in dev state so this project will…

And why should i try it: You never should !! but if you’re curious, want to put some new flavor into your game or looking for inspiration, you could consider it, although on personal agenda, i’m looking for people to test it and give me feedback….

At what point of the story you are ?: Very good question my friend !! This is a little breakdown of the story so far: ( Future Update)



Chapter 1: Caterpillar ≈60% finished

-Street: ≈90%: (*i may add few lines for bad ending and branch trigger for future story, but it’s part of the ‘Meeting’ step of the story, and already enough outcomes for that one*)
-Hotel Lobby:≈99%: (*Same thing, it’s a linking step not much more to do on this one*)
-Hotel Room:≈80%: (*Still have to write some lines to expand the bad outcomes*)
-Store:≈50%: (*Add several branching path: Peeping, stealing clothes, caught by vendor*)
-Beauty Salon:≈50% (*Have to make First crossover: The Hairstylist, her intro step*)

*End of Chapter1: it’s short but is an introduction chapter so…*

Chapter 2: Cocoon <10% finished

Bar: ≈60% : (*Continuation of the Hairstylist branching, Barmaid outcome to make…*)
Beach:≈90% : (still need some bad outcome branching, for now it’ an easy version of it’s final form…)
The last step for this Test Version introducing ‘Bimbo chick’ character, also the longest…, 4 possible outcomes:
-Sunbathing with Cocoon
-Booby Contest (Starring ‘Bimbo Chick’)
-Mischievous Cocoon :
Path A : Ambitious Bimbo (Starring ‘Bimbo Chick’)
Path B : BFFs Gone Wild…

Mod author: pepitoxxx