Sarah Jaye

This is a Character file only. She does not have a Conversation file.
To have a look, go to the Mods option, select the Appearance tab, switch Gender to Female, and Import “Sarah Jaye.pechar”.

This means that you can see what “Sarah Jaye” looks like, and her name is correct, but her date of birth, country of origin and # for her appearance options are wrong.
For the record, here are the settings I used for “Sarah Jaye”, Casual Sex variant. Other variants are possible of course, and I encourage you to do better! For example, there are a lot of pictures of “Sarah Jaye” in RL – wink – with a blonde hair, a darker/lighter skin tone, and different proportions etc. The hair in this version isn’t quite right: it would be better without a clip, but there you go. Variants in”/” below.
DOB 14 November 1977 Country USA Skin 22 Head 10 Hair 21/46/33/11 Hair Color 22 Eyes 22 Eye Color 5 Eyebrows 33 Eyebrows Color 22 Nose 5 Mouth 2 Mouth Color 7 Tits 5 Tits Size 7 Pubes 0 Pubes Color 21 (shaved so none) Nails 10 Earrings 4 Necklace 14 Bracelet 0 Glasses 0 Body 5/4
“Sarah Jaye” in RL – wink – has tattoos along her inside wrists and down her back, but I have left them off for you to play with.
Experiment and enjoy.

Mod author: Hozchelaga